inhabitants of another planet just departed
That night I could not fall asleep for a long time. The day lay in darkness as it was rather gloomy outside. The silence of a sleepy street raised a sparkling revolver, tightened its finger on the trigger and pulled it aiming at the sky with an ironic smile. The revolver floated in the air for a little longer and then fell on the floor. The uncompromising race has begun. Through grey curtains left after the combustion of gunpowder charge, thoughts in my head broke into a mad gallop. Every one of them, as if a wisp of coloured smoke was trying to reach the finish line first. My intertwined thoughts were taking weird shapes while curling upwards. There were no barriers for them. Their finish line was not a place at all, they were heading towards the early morning which was lit by the first timid rays of the summer sunlight.

The canvas in the room had become the mirror of what was happening. It could not keep silent any longer. The time has come!

The essence of thinking of a mad philosopher lies in realisation of the duality of the world in all its manifestations, and the absolute understanding that a human being exists in both manifestations of this duality simultaneously. The path between these guises is what called creativity.

The possibility to be in any place in the universe allows us to make sketches on big canvases. The state of the track trance is the highest manifestation of the out of earthly existence and entering the orbit of universal intellect without realisation of its existence. Simply contemplation and feelings …

My paintings are of places and essences which I have visited.

This website is just reportage as a camera has not been taken with me.

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