Size: 120 х 120 cm
Canvas, gel pens, acrylic paint 2016

First references to Leviathan are made in ancient myths of different peoples of the world. Some described him as a many-headed beast, others saw him as whale. There was no agreement as to how he looked. However, everybody agreed that he was a great and powerful creature that the bravest warriors feared.

This work is an attempt to unveil the ancient tales in order to see one of the hypostases of Leviathan. His image aims to demonstrate that a human being is just a grain of sand in the world that belongs to creatures so powerful so that we would not be able to comprehend. Mountains and seas surrender to Leviathan. There is no strength or wisdom that any man possesses that could be compared to his. His speech is fire and hurricane. He is the guardian of order of all times that cannot be bribed.
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